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This module lets you upload documents to and then display them on your Drupal site using their iPaper application (lightweight, fast, Flash Player-based viewer). After installation, create iPaper nodes and attach documents to them, and the module will transfer them to Scribd through their API. When you view the node it will contain the embedded iPaper object. You can can control whether the document will be displayed publicly on or not.

Before you can use the module, you need to obtain an API key for your site from (process takes no more than a minute).

You will need to attach at least one document to every iPaper node in order to be able to create it. After you save the node, a progress bar is displayed and the file is sent to Scribd. If everything goes well, you should be able to see the iPaper view in your node within a few seconds of saving it.
You can also view the iPapers you upload through Drupal by going to (sign in with the user account that you used to get the API key).
Other features of the module: controls Scribd document visibility and license properties, includes text from documents in Drupal search index, displays thumbnails in teaser view.

The platform currently supports a large variety of formats: .doc .rtf .pdf .ps .xls .ppt, as well as OpenOffice documents and Office 2007 documents.
The code is currently not compatible with PHP 4 - see #272299: PHP4 Compatibility.

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