This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module has been abandoned by the original maintainer. The project page has been recreated but the old issues are currently inaccessable. As of now, there is no maintainer so please don't start using this project. If you are already using it, you can continue to use it but there will be no work done on it until a new maintainer is found. Similar alternative modules include IP to Country and Ad GeoIP
An ip locator utility and API. It provides a block and an interface for locate, display your visitor's country location.

To display a post owner's country location you can use (insert it somewhere into the node.tpl.php) the following code:

  if($node->ip_locator_country) {
    print(" ($node->ip_locator_country_code) ");
    print("Only local images are allowed.ip_locator_country_flag' alt='' />");

For comments (comment.tpl.php):

  if($comment->ip_locator_country) {
    print(" ($comment->ip_locator_country_code) ");
    print("Only local images are allowed.ip_locator_country_flag' alt='' />");

Also, use the $_SESSION['ip_locator_country'] session variable to retrieve your visitor's country code.

For a live demo find the flags displayed (blog entries and comments) and/or add test comments on

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  • Last modified: 13 December 2008
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