This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The module is more than meets the eye. It's a faily complex syncing module that also show's the Invision system "inline" as content when you're viewing the forum (as an iFrame). However, Drupal is "King". All authentication is handled by drupal. Invision looks to drupal for authentication, and all registration is handled through Drupal.

  • The module uses cURL, and cURL must be enabled.
  • For PHP 5.x and above only.

The module also handles the following situations.
Problem Sets:

Problem: User is in the Invision system, but not the drupal system.
Solution: When the user try's to login into the Invision system, they are redirected to the drupal /user page for login.

Problem: User is in the Drupal system but not the Invision system.
Solution: The module comes with a setting called "auth-regsiter" that you can check. When checked, if a user is authenticated in the D (Drupal) system, but not IV (Invision), they are automatically registered into the IV system, and the D system continues on un-beknown to the user.

Problem:User is in neither system
Solution: When a user regsiteres with Drupal, they are automatically registered in the IV system.

Problem: User has profile information in the IV system, and upon first login, the info could potentially be writen with empty information from Drupal (e.g. AIM name, msn name, etc.)
Solution: A user as a "first pull" attribute. If they do not have this attribute (which is the case the first time), there profile is "pulled" from Invision, and updated in D. After that, *ALL* information is pushed to IV from D, and is overwritten with D information.

Module sponsored by Warner Brothers Records® with technical input and support given by Invision®.

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