This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project gives you the oppertunity to manage you warehouse in an advanced way. With this module you will be able to:

* import from supplier
* prices
* stock value
* ean barcode
* product weight
* manufacturer information
* check with your supplier, to see if he got any new products.
* arrange your products in item classes, sub itemclases
* list you products in a list form, based on manufacturer and item sub classes (
* manage if a product should be visible to the visitors, which means, you do not need to delete the product to avoid visitors from seeing the product.

In the furuture, the module will be able to:

* show related products on every product page, if any related products exist
* dynamicaly create the related product, based on supplier information
* show sales informations about different manufacturers, item classes and item sub classes.
* automatically mark products not visible if the product is no more avalible from any supplier
* list random products on presentation pages, based on manufacturer and item sub clases (

NOTICE! The module is not tested at all for use with PostgreSQL, but it will probably work with it, please let me know if something is wrong with it.

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