Some content/nodes should never be viewed directly; only visible be through something else such as Views or Panels. This module denies access to node/[nid] URLs while allowing the content to stay published and otherwise viewable.

Use Cases

  • Index all content in search, but 301 redirect content to the correct View/Panel on a different path. Example: A View with named anchors as titles. See this on the demo!
  • Deny the existence of select node/[nid] URLs by returning a 404 instead of a 403.
  • Add an edit link field for each node in a View, then automatically redirect back to the View after saving changes.


  • Creates a permission per content type which when disabled denies node view to the specified role.
  • Adds an option to content type edit forms for administrators to select the result of a direct node view.
  • Node view options are Allow, Not Found, Access Denied, and Redirect.
  • Redirect URL/path can use tokens, anchors or $_GET variables.
  • "Denied action setting per-node" in content type settings. Node default is to use content type default.
  • hook_url_outbound_alter() implementation to rewrite URLs of denied nodes to the redirect URL.
  • Simpletests for content type settings, node settings, and hook_url_outbound_alter().
  • Rules integration - Node view denied to user
  • internal-node class on <div> and optional status messages for users with permission to view blocked nodes.

Future Functionality

Create a feature request issue if you need any of this functionality sooner than "the future"

  • Custom Drupal message per-content type or per-node.
  • Rules - Set 'view action'
  • Views - List blocked actions for each node
  • PHP/Hook for redirection location
  • Simpletests for minor features

Project information

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