This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The interface module allows site administrators to modify the way entities look through a drag and drop interface. It uses plug-ins to present information in different styles, such as tabbed interfaces, complex page layouts, and the like.

The original D6 version of the module was concerned only with content entry forms. The D7 version is a complete rewrite and is concerned primarily with the presentation of entities, especially ones lacking a conventional layout in relation to typical content in a Drupal site. It will also support modifications to entry forms, just not yet.

Features include:

* Drag-and-Drop Authoring Tool

Form elements can be moved around on a page by simply clicking on them and dragging them where they belong.

* Plug Ins

Interface uses a number of plug ins to control the presentation of content. The D7 version ships with a tabbed interface plug-in for right now, with others coming soon.

* Multiple Interfaces per Content Type

Interface allows users to create different layouts for each display mode associated with a bundle.


Interface provides ample hooks for templates and behaviors to perform actions without needing to modify the core interface module. Documentation for developers is provided within some of the behaviors included with this distribution.

* Templates

Templates have been removed from the D7 version in favor of a plug in system that is themable and includes name hinting for various entities and their elements.

* Behaviors

Behaviors are being removed in favor of enhancements to individual fields. They will be tied to specific plug ins.

This module has been tested on IE6+, FF2+, and Safari and appears to work consistently across all browsers. The D7 version of interface is under development and has not been tested across all browsers. Feel free to submit patches.

No further suport is forthcoming for the D6 version, please contact the maintainers if you are interested in taking that over.

This module is sponsored by the friendly Drupal experts at Trellon. Let us know your thoughts / ideas / how it works for you at

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