Instant Filter module in use on the admin/modules page
Instant Filter module in use on the admin/people/permissions page
Instant Filter module in use on the admin/config/development/testing page

A backport of the instant filtering feature added to various Drupal 8 administration pages.

Don't you think the modules administration page is way too long? Can't you find the module you want to enable?

On entering a search term, the filter will immediately hide page elements that do not contain this term. The result is a smaller page that only shows elements that are relevant to the search term.

Pages supported with instant filtering (with respective Drupal 8 issues):

Pages not yet supported (but intended):

Similar Modules

  • Module Filter which makes much more major changes to the modules page UI, heavier JavaScript, hiding module versions by default, and overriding page callbacks. Instant Filter is much lighter alternative, and using it can result in an easier UI transition when upgrading to Drupal 8.
Supporting organizations: 
7.x-2.x development

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