This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module leverages Popups API in order to provide a form of inline editing for nodereferences on a CCK edit page. It also shows the referenced node's field data in addition to the title [nid: ] info normally displayed. The module also provides a setting for preventing old nodes from being referenced in a node reference field, forcing a user to create a new node using Popups: Add and Reference.

The module is still in it's very early stages and all testing thus far has been done with the assumption that Popups: Add and Reference is also being applied and that only a single autocomplete widget for nodereference is being used. In the future I'd like this module to also work for User reference, multiple fields, and other widgets.

If you'd like to see this module in action, 3 patches will need applied to the Popups: Add and Reference module:

#407592: Trigger Change Events after newly created nodes are referenced, #308589: Autofill base form NodeReference field on popup close, and #416046: add class to div wrapping Add New link

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