Indexing HTML Attributes

This module allows site maintainer to index HTML Element's attribute information in search indexes. It also works with apachesolr search modules.


- This module requires to parse the DOM tree.
- Download and enable the module at admin/settings/module
- Configure this module at admin/settings/search, see the screen shot


- Add one HTML tag information/rule per line
- HTML Attribute Indexing Rule syntax: [HTML Tag]|[Tag's Attribute[,Tag's Attributes]]
- Example 1: img|title,alt
- Example 2: a|name

There are several cases in which default behavior does not allow any functionality to index content that is not visible, it can be HTML hidden attribute where author in stead of displaying it may only want to index information.

Another case, in which an author wants to index "title" or "alt" information of an image attribute. I'll try to add more use cases.

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