This is a server side analytics. It catches all the site traffic. The recorded site traffic can be from bots and a human. It catches a mouse move or screen touch event on each page visit. This help to determine human or bots. It records IP address and timestamp of each action. It helps us analyze user behavior on your website and help improve the website accordingly.

The module works soon it is enabled. No upgrade path is provided between beta releases. All pages visit and screen touch(for mobile devices) and mouse movement are recorded in its own entities impression_base. You can use views module to create reports for those data.

You are welcome to create issue or feature request of this module. Since we want this module be fairly simple and reduce duplicated data, we may prioritize the feature request list.

User case:
Someone is accessing the login page. There is no "screen touch" or "mouse move" action. We can be very sure it is not a human but a machine.

In this way, we identify bots from humans. We have a small but powerful module Human Behavior to prevent bots from registering users in your site.

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