This module is integrating impress.js to create 3D html5 presentations while using Drupal's node system and Views to manage the slides.
It is actually a feature, it will create an 'impress_slide' content type to be used for the presentation, these nodes contain all the fields needed to position the slides in the 3d space created by impress.js.


  • Enable the module, you'll need Features, Views, ctools, Entity API, editablefields, Weight and a few core modules enabled, or you can simply use Drush which will download all dependencies for you:
    drush dl impress
    drush en impress
  • Create some nodes of the type 'impress_slide'.
  • Navigate to /impress to see your presentation.
  • You can have multiple presentations (7.x-1.x-dev only) by assigning slides to a specific slideshow, your slideshow will be available at /impress/% (% representing your slideshow name).

but this is just the beginning...


There are a few view modes to these slides:

  • The first is the impress presentation itself, found under /impress
  • You also get a slides editor with an AJAX drag&drop interface to reorder and re-position your slides, found under /slides-editor
  • There is a static slides view, with a speaker-notes display under /slides
  • Or a paged speaker-notes display under /slides-paged

All paths may be edited in the view.


Here is one and here is another the last one was created for a session I did about Sasson, it uses jmpress.js and not impress.js but the idea is the same.
You should also check out the official impress.js demos page, those are not using Drupal but are worth watching nonetheless.


Currently impress.js works fine in latest Chrome/Chromium browser, Safari 5.1 and Firefox 10. With addition of some HTML5 polyfills it should work in Internet Explorer 10 (currently available as Developers Preview). It doesn't work in Opera, as it doesn't support CSS 3D transforms.

As a presentation tool it was not developed with mobile browsers in mind, but some tablets are good enough to run it, so it should work quite well on iPad (iOS 5, or iOS 4 with HTML5 polyfills) and Blackberry Playbook.

Project Information