This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Note: The code on CVS here is out-of-date. Please use the repository on

A set of modules intended to make drupal more suited to an open publishing website such as Indymedia. Modules include:

Imceditor: allows editors to hide posts and state why, and to vote for articles for promotion to the front page.
Newswire: shows non- front page articles and hidden articles, so that the moderated open-publishing can be transparent.
Dadamigrate: Imports articles from the legacy Indymedia CMS 'Dada', and sets up redirects so old urls are not broken.
Article: A node type which permits all users to view hidden articles. Necessary for transparency.

If used to create an Indymedia site, you might want to use the Indymedia Cities module as well:

There is an Indymedia install profile that makes use of this module. You can find it at

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