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This module allows users to easily view and edit full size images within Drupal. When a user clicks on an image or thumbnail, a popup is displayed with the full resolution image. A user can zoom and pan the image using the mouse. In addition a user can rotate, crop or edit the image and then save the edited image back into Drupal or create a new image.

The image viewer displays images at their full resolution making this module ideal for sites which have large images.

This module provides four major capabilities for images:

  • View full-sized images from thumbnails - pan, zoom, full screen mode,
    previous/next image.
  • View images full screen.
  • Edit images - rotate, crop, brightness/contrast, hue/saturation/lightness
  • Save, download, email or print the edited image.
  • View media entity fields - currently being refactored for Drupal 8, should be it's own sub module.

The Drupal 8 version is fully functional. The module defines a new formatter for images that behaves much like the core image formatter. However images displayed with the imager formatter can be clicked on to display that image in the imager viewer popup where they can be viewed and edited.

NOTE: Currently saving edited images only works with images save using the Media Entity module. I plan to make this work with core images but haven't had the need. If you need this capability please contact me.

The Drupal 7 version never made it out of the sandbox. It is fully functional and with a few days work could be made production worthy. If you have need for this please contact me, if there is enough interest I will put some effort into this.

Demonstration site

To see a demo of the module running on Drupal 7 go here. The first image with multiple nebulae is my favorite. It shows off Imagers ability to zoom and pan large images. A demonstration website for Drupal 8 is coming soon (July 2017).

To bring up the Imager Viewer, click on a thumbnail. To close the Imager Viewer, double click anywhere in the large image.

This demo site has some very large images - The first image of the nebulae is over 30MB in size. Be patient when images are loading.

Installation and Configuration

Install the Imager module

Download and install the module as you would any other module.

Downloading the button icons

The icons I used for buttons were gathered from the web and then modified to fit. Due to copyright laws they can't be stored on I plan to change them to use FontAwesome fonts but haven't taken the time. Download the icons here and unzip them into the imager/icons directory - Ex: modules/custom/imager/icons. Use at your own risk.

Imager Image Formatter

Imager creates a new image formatter called Imager. The Imager formatter behaves the same as the core image formatter except that when a user clicks on the image the Imager viewer is popped up with the full resolution image.

Similar Projects

Image Editor - Drupal 7 only - This module sends your image to an online image editing program such as Pixlr, PicMonkey, Aviary Web Editor and many more. These online image editors are extremely powerful but require leaving the Drupal site, editing the image in the online service, then returning the image back to Drupal. Imager on the other hand is integrated into your site, simple to use, and fast. However it's editing capabilities are limited.

Crop - Crop allows users to define crop points for an image. It stores this information and uses an image style to apply the cropping at the time the image is displayed. The Crop module does not change the original image. The crop module is intended for things like cropping user photos to a set the aspect ratio and size.

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