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Zip Upload is located below the ImageField.

This is a helper module for ImageField. When uploading multiple images for imagefields with multi-values or inside of a multi-group, this module adds the ability to upload multiple images in zip files OR with an html5 multiple upload field instead of uploading each file individually.


You should have Zip support in order for this module to fully work. Check your PHP installation and make any changes necessary. View the readme for installation instructions.
HTML5 Uploading works on all modern browsers except for IE, even IE9.
If you have the Transliteration module installed; you should apply this patch (#1243974: Supporting Files uploaded as an array) to it, or get the latest dev version of it.

Requires Filefield 6.x-3.10 or newer.

Demo Videos - 30 seconds standard image field. - 20 seconds CCK multifield.

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