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SingleImage Field is fairly simple module that creates several image cache presets to allow you to only display the first image from a multi imagefield.

How it works :

  • The module creates imagecache settings like "@preset image (single)" and "@preset image linked to node (single)", where @preset is your imagecache sizes.
  • You select one of these settings for use with a node (e.g. in teaser mode).
  • This will then only show the first image in the set!

Why :

Views already has this ablity, when creating fields views, but if you want to do it in a teaser or display suite display mode, you run into problems.

There are theme layer solutions (and other) to this as explained in this ticket #793656: Show only first image from multi-value imagefield (or "group multiple values"), but they do not lend themselves to being loosely coupled exportables.

Similar modules :

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