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An extended ImageField widget that adds new form fields to a Image field. It provides the framework to associate new data with an image.

All processing, including storage, is done via ImageField. This module simply allows you to easily extend the currently available form fields; alt, description, title, etc.

A very simple admin interface provides a way of adding textfields, textareas, WYSIWYG textareas and checkboxes. Once defined here, each new form field can be enabled on each widget separately.

Of interest to developers will be a new hook "hook_imagefield_extended_widget" that provides a programmatic way of adding any FAPI elements to the ImageField data form element. This '#tree' element has all of its data automatically saved by the FileField field.

New to the 6.x-4.x Branch

Significant change to the way the module works. This now "extends" the base FileField widget using the new CCK 2.5 alter hooks, which is also a requirement. The update script should convert all of your existing fields. All FileFields and ImageFields can be extended, as can any widgets from other modules that provide additional functionality to FileField. REQUIRES CCK 2.5+

Drupal 7

Due to the refactored nature of file and images in Drupal 7, there will be no D7 port. Recommended replacements include either:

a) File entity and File entity inline

b) Field collection

Views integration

Integration now added to 4.x-dev (Dec 22 2010 or later). It requires use of filefield/imagefield 3.8 or higher.
#735512: Views filefield-data should not be hard-coded
#600594: Integration with Views? Addendum
Keep an eye on the following issue for better theming/display of checkboxes.
#1005328: Allow better options for formatting checkboxes within Views options

Usage (6.x-4.x)

  1. Download, install and enable
  2. Go into your site configuration and find "ImageField Extended Fields" ( and define one or more new form fields.
  3. Once you have defined the new form fields above:
    • you need to create a "File" field of either type "File" or "Image" widget. This differs from the older branches "Image, with additional fields" widget.
      The additional form fields that you have defined will be configurable per field type. All new additional fields are disabled by default.
  4. Select one of the basic display formatters to automatically display the textfields with the image or install Custom formatters and design your own formatter using simple tags.


6.x-3.x Branch
Use the 6.x-3.x branch of this module against ImageField 6.x-3.x only. Using ImageField 6.x-1.x or 6.x-2.x will not work.

6.x-4.x Branch
CCK 6.x-2.5 and above
Use the 6.x-3.x branch of this module against FileField 6.x-3.x only. Using FileField 6.x-1.x or 6.x-2.x will not work.

Do you have some code examples to share? Help document the module here. The latest development version of the 6.x-4.x branch now contains i18n aware labels. Details here.

Recommended modules

  • Insert: An easy way to insert Images into content from the ImageField
  • FileField UI Extras: Provides collapsible fieldset option to the ImageField data elements.
  • Custom formatters: Define your own formatter using simple tokens.
  • Image resize filter: Do real image resizing from within a WYSIWYG editor!
  • Util: Data not being saved? There may be an issue with the module system weight. Try increasing the system weight to a number above 0.


Module sponsored by Glo Digital.

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