When using modules that allow you to focus or crop images you may find that the image dissapears or the changes are not immediately visible to everyone. This can be caused by other external caching such as Varnish, or browser caching outside of immediate control, because by default ImageCache does not generate a new URL for each iteration of the image. Depending on how your environment is configured the old rendering may stay in browsers for weeks, causing much confusion for your content editors.

This simple module solves those frustrations by punching your changes through all layers of caching by creating a new URL every time an image is updated. This is done at a very low level, so that it will work with all methods of image embedding.

In cases where the image is very large the external caching may prevent the images from being rendered due to memory or time constraints. In the worst case scenario an error might be cached by Varnish instead of the image. This module helps resolve this scenario as well by rotating the URL every minute till the file actually exists, giving your server more opportunities to handle the renderings before things are cached externally.

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