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ImageCache Builder

ImageCache Builder allows you to create all the imagecache presets you want for a picture directly when its content is created or saved. Imagecache creates a preset of an image only when that image is called, but sometimes we need to call the pictures with different paths before that imagecache has created them (for example using CDN).
This module solves the problem. This module uses an administration page to set which imagecache presets create in backend for the relative image fields.

- Creates the presets when a node is saved or updated.
- Allows to selects which preset you want to create automatically for each image field.
- Prevents broken images not created yet by imagecache.

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Similar projects and how they are different
Imageinfo Cache
With 'ImageCache Builder' you have an admin settings page where you can easily select which presets you want to create automatically for each image field. This option is not present in 'Imageinfo Cache'.

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