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Image Browser is a simple, elegant and beautiful image browser for Drupal.

Try out a demo (Version 1 | Version 2) and post any bugs you find. If, after using the demo, you don't think Image Browser has all the features you need then please do check out Image Assist or IMCE.

Key features (Version 2)

  • Beautiful User Interface.
  • Lists all images in the Drupal file DB using Views.
  • Image rendering powered by ImageCache for unlimited flexibility.
  • Custom [ibimage] tags for great performance.
  • Create custom and advanced CSS styles which users can easily apply to images.
  • Support for CKeditor, FCKeditor and TinyMCE via WYSIWYG API or FCKeditor


  • Version 1
  • Version 2 (Username: demo, Password: demo)


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A lot of time has been put into making Image Browser as simple to use while looking beautiful. Donations are gladly accepted. Thanks

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