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Allow you to upload different logos for each languages defined in your site. Right now, this module allow you to specify the global logo which will affect all themes.

Why you need this module?
Drupal core allow you to upload a logo through the Site Building >> Themes interface. The i18n module allow you to configure special variables that you want to be able to make multilingual. Using only the i18n module you can upload your logos using FTP and then configure different logo paths for each languages. But it CANNOT allow you to upload a new logo using the upload form. When you do that, the logo path is changed back to a default value.
I made this module because I wanted to allow my customers to be able to upload their different logos without having to use FTP and figure out the path from it.


  • locale


  1. Make sure you have the locale module enabled and have one or more languages defined
  2. Download the release file and put it somewhere under sites/all/modules or sites/
  3. Enable the module by going to ?q=admin/build/modules
  4. Give the permission to "administer languages" to whoever you want to be able to upload logos
  5. Edit the language of your choice and upload your logo (?q=admin/settings/language)

To Do

  • French Translation
  • Support themes

This module was developed by Christian Roy.

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