HTML5 Tools is a module that allows Drupal sites to be built using HTML5 ... smartly.

One of our goals is to provide as much support for HTML5 markup in a set of Tools provided by a module so that you can use this module with any HTML5 theme you'd like.

Drupal 7 Features

The Drupal 7 branch of html5 tools is actively being developed. We're always looking for new features so feel free to create an issue.

Here are some of the features you can find in the Drupal 7 version:

  • Support for Google Chrome Frame
  • Adds new elements for used in the Views module
  • Support for the html5 doctype with or without RDF.
  • Tons of other forms and markup changes.
  • Removes cdata tags from inline css/js.


The Drupal 6/7 version of html5 tools requires the Elements module. This allows us to take advantage of new form elements in our module.

You can join us at http://groups.drupal.org/html5 or in IRC #drupal-html5

Maintain by Eric Duran.

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