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This module integrates the Hierarchical Select and User Terms projects to display the vocabulary elements as user friendly hierarchical select boxes on the user edit form.


  • Review the Installation handbook page and install this module like any standard Drupal project.
  • Visit admin/content/taxonomy/list and edit the vocabulary you want to display in a hierarchical select list. Select the checkbox labeled "Use the Hierarchical Select form element for this vocabulary".
  • Visit admin/user/user_terms and select the vocabularies you want to associate with users.

After taking these steps, the hierarchical select list will appear on the user edit form.

NOTE: This module has no configuration of it's own, so make sure you are familiar with how to configure User Terms and Hierarchical Select.


Hierarchical Select User Terms is developed and maintained by Aubrey Sambor and Chris Pliakas. Original development of this module was sponsored by CommonPlaces e-Solutions, LLC.

Follow Aubrey on Twitter: @starshaped
Follow Chris on Twitter: @cpliakas

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