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Hierarchical Select implementation allowing to choose content types and their fields in a user-friendly way. Reusable form element.

This is developer module. Install it only when required by other module.

Requirements: Hierarchical Select, CCK

Modules that use Hierarchical Select Field Selector: Imagefield Avatar

This module provides HS implementation ready to use. To insert HS field selector in your form, do something like:

module_load_include('inc', 'hs_field_selector');
$form['your_field_selector'] = hs_field_selector_form_element();

You can filter node types and fields using your own callbacks:

$params = array('nodetype_filter' => 'your callback', 'field_filter' => 'your callback');
$form['your_field_selector']['#config']['params'] = $params;

For example of usage see Imagefield Avatar module.
Also you can read HS API documentation to learn how you can tweak this form element further.

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