This is a wrapper module for the hoverIntent jQuery module. The d5 version requires the jQuery Update module. Both d5 and d6 optionally support the jQ module.

hoverIntent is a plug-in that attempts to determine the user's intent... like a crystal ball, only with mouse movement! It works like (and was derived from) jQuery's built-in hover. However, instead of immediately calling the onMouseOver function, it waits until the user's mouse slows down enough before making the call.

Why? To delay or prevent the accidental firing of animations or ajax calls. Simple timeouts work for small areas, but if your target area is large it may execute regardless of intent. Also, because jQuery animations cannot be stopped once they've started it's best not to start them prematurely.

This module does nothing on its own, it's just a wrapper for the JavaScript library.

At the time of this writing (2017-02-04), the only difference between the 1.x and 2.x branches are that the 2.x branch uses the 2.x branch of the Libraries API module (you must also download the JS lirbary, see the README file), and the 1.x branch pretends to use the 1.x branch of the Libraries API module, but actually includes and uses an old version of the hoverIntent JavaScript library that is included with the module.

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