This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Hotkey module allows you to create accesskey attributes for Drupal form buttons and links on node pages. Given a specific form button name (with an optional Drupal form element id) and a specified key, Hotkey will add the HTML accesskey element to every Drupal form button that meets this criteria. This is useful for accessing commonly used form elements that can be activated via your browser's implementation of accesskey (IE: Alt+key, FF: Alt+Shift+key, Opera: Shift+Esc+key). For example, mapping "Submit" to the "s" would make all form buttons with the name "Submit" (usually every submit button on Drupal form elements) have the attribute accesskey="s". In effect, most Drupal forms could be submitted via the hotkey combination of Alt+Shift+S in FireFox. Additionally, you can add links to node pages with accesskey attributes. This allows to do things such mapping accesskey="e" to a link on a node page that goes to its edit page.

Be aware when using this module that the accesskey attribute isn't implemented the same across all web browsers. Depending on hotkeys you create, you could potentially come up with a hotkey combination that conflicts with your browser's own hotkeys.

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