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Check out the screencast for a demonstration and explanation of features and settings. The first couple minutes shows the module in action, followed by a deeper explanation of configuration options

Or, try a demonstration.

Drupal 7 upgrade is in progress.
#1318434: Drupal 7 version - upgrade task

What it does

Here's the highlights:

  • Add, remove, and reorder nodes or blocks to a page without leaving or reloading the page or using editors
  • Content added to hotblocks can be constrained to individual pages or be made global to display on all pages that contain the hotblock
  • Can display multiple instances of the same block or node in multiple regions
  • Can give end users the ability to add and remove blocks to pages without exposing the administer blocks permission
  • Provides a means to filter which of those blocks are available to the user for adding so every block in the system is not exposed
  • See an overview and administer all of your assigned hotblock content grouped by region, url, or taxonomy on a single page
  • Allow users to add and remove content to a page without giving them permission to edit that content
  • Advanced permissioning possible - allows you to control which roles can assign/remove/reorder each type of content to every hotblock individually if necessary
  • You can use your own custom icon set for the UI controls to customize look and feel
  • If you don't like the term "hotblock" you can customize the terminology exposed to the user to suit your purposes

Quick Start

  1. Enable the module at admin/build/modules
  2. Delegate permissions (needed if you're not user 1) at admin/user/permissions
  3. Optional: Configure the module's settings at: admin/settings/hotblocks
  4. Enable and configure your hotblocks at admin/build/blocks. The blocks will have the administrative titles that were set on the settings page so you can find them easily.

    You can also embed hotblocks directly into node content by turning on the hotblocks input format filter via admin/settings/filters

  5. Start adding content!
  6. A set of interface icons will appear wherever you placed your hotblocks. After you assign content to them, the icons will disappear until you hover over them.

  7. Manage/Overview your content
  8. Going to Administer -> Content Management -> Hotblocks (or admin/content/hotblocks) will give you ways to see where all your content is assigned in one place, as well as options for adding, removing, and editing it. This can be a helpful place when you start getting a lot of content into your hotblocks.

See detailed installation, configuration, and usage documention at:(link for detailed documentation will go here)

You're now free to use the interface to add, remove, and reorder any unlimited variety of node content or drupal blocks without any page reloads while seeing all of your changes in real time.

Feel free to post comments, suggestions, compliments, hate mail, or other communications if you have anything to say about this project.


If you're coming from the promos module:
Hotblocks is the renamed continuation and further development of the promos module. An explanation of why it was renamed can be found on the promos project page. Hotblocks contains all the same features of promos and then some, and will continue to expand.

There is not an automated upgrade solution available, but if you're one of the few promos users who really wants to upgrade and need to keep all your promo assignments, you can use these manual instructions. You must be able to query your database directly. (this will take you from promos 6.x-1.4 to hotblocks 6.x-1.x). If there is significant demand for it I will automate this with hotblocks.

Notice!This will NOT preserve the extra granular permissions from promos if you had the 'extended permissions' setting turned on. The regular promos permissions should be translated ok, but be sure to double check.

0. BACKUP your current database!
1. Download and install hotblocks.
2. Disable (don't uninstall) the promos module.
3. Execute the following queries:

DROP TABLE `hotblocks`;
ALTER TABLE `promos` CHANGE `promoid` `hotblocks_itemid` INT( 10 ) UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT;
ALTER TABLE `promos` ADD `systemtype` VARCHAR( 255 ) NULL AFTER `path`;
UPDATE `promos` SET `systemtype` = 'node';
RENAME TABLE `promos` TO `hotblocks`;
UPDATE `blocks` SET `module` = 'hotblocks' WHERE `module` = 'promos';
DELETE FROM `variable` WHERE `name` LIKE 'hotblocks%';
UPDATE `variable` SET `name` = REPLACE(`name`, 'promos', 'hotblocks');
UPDATE `variable` SET `value` = REPLACE(`value`, 'promos_any', 'hotblocks_any');

4. Double check the hotblocks settings page and the administer blocks page to verify everything is in order and you should be good to go.

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