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This is an add-on module for the Aegir hosting system:

If you are managing an Aegir installation, you should take a peak at the size of your hosting_task_log table. If it's out of control (like mine was - over 1GB!), this module can help!

Simply install, enable (as an experimental Hosting feature), and configure it to run with the Hosting queue (at $base_url/admin/hosting/queues). Every time the queue runs, this module will delete all hosting tasks and hosting task logs associated with deleted sites. Additionally, it will delete orphaned hosting task logs (task logs that don't have a parent task node). For performance reasons, there are some sensible hardcoded limits on how many sites and orphaned log entries are processed on each run. Note that you'll probably want to optimize your {hosting_task_log} table after this module finishes its initial run.

Note that this module works on deleted sites. To delete old tasks and logs for active sites, consider Revision Deletion (sample configuration).

NB: parts of this module have been merged into Aegir 7.x-3.x: #2053929: Trim hosting_task tables

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