Plugs into the Aegir hosting system and integrates with an instance of the Piwik analytic software package and the Drupal piwik module. Specifically:

  • On site installation, registers a site and all of its URL aliases with a Piwik instance.
  • On site verification, sends all new URL aliases to the Piwik instance.
  • Creates the appropriate Drupal variables in settings.php to configure the piwik module.

The above behavior may be overridden on the site add/edit form by specifying a positive integer (meaning "use a pre-existing Piwik site, don't register a new one"), or a negative integer (meaning "don't connect this site to Piwik"). Specifying no Piwik site ID on the site add/edit form yields the above (default) functionality.

Individual sites remain responsible for enabling piwik and fine-tuning the piwik configuration.

Project Information