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It seems that Hookbox is more or less a dead project. There is, but even that hasn't been updated in 8 months. I guess nodejs finally won.

Provides integration with the Hookbox project providing Websocket/Comet support to the browser. This is primarily an API module, although it will allow for some end user configuration. A series of hooks will be implemented that allow modules to utilize Hookbox's webhooks in a simple and safe manner.

From the Hookbox website:

Hookbox’s purpose is to ease the development of real-time web applications, with an emphasis on tight integration with existing web technology. Put simply, Hookbox is a web-enabled message queue. Browers may directly connect to Hookbox, subscribe to named channels, and publish and receive messages on those channels in real-time. An external application (typically the web application itself) may also publish messages to channels by means of the Hookbox REST interface. All authentication and authorization is performed by an external web application via designated “webhook” callbacks.

The Hookbox module provides that integration out of the box with a simplified, more Drupalish API that allows for multiple modules to share the connection to a single Hookbox server.

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