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This module is a wrapper for this calendaring system library.

This module's main goal is to provide API to other modules. So by itself this module may not be too useful. (However, this module does provide a demonstration mini-module that draws a nice wall calendar.)

This module has two goals:

  1. To enable other modules to "talk" in various native calendars, e.g. the Hebrew calendar, the Hijri calendar.
  2. To provide information about holidays.

The API is centered around the NativeCalendar abstract class. Currently only two derived classes are provided: JewishCalendar and HijriCalendar. My intention is that as time goes by we'll provide more derived classes, e.g. PersianCalendar.

It is not planned for this module to have an extensive user interface, because its purpose is to provide services to other modules. However, to aid in debugging and evaluating, it does have a page that overlays a native calendar over a Gregorian one.

I haven't yet created a release for this module. You may download it using git:

$ git clone

The MASTER branch is for Drupal 7. Checkout the "d6" branch for Drual 6.

You'll also have to download the engine:

$ git clone

...then copy the 'lib' folder of this engine into the Drupal module's folder.


The "engine" page gives an overview of the API. When using the Drupal module simply do holidays_factory(calendar_name) instead of NativeCalendar::factory(calendar_name).

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