HiringThing is online software that helps companies post jobs online, manage applicants, and hire great employees.

This module provides a Drupal block with the HiringThing embeddable jobs widget that allows companies to add a list of jobs to their website.


  1. Enable the HiringThing module.
  2. Go to block configuration (Structure >> Blocks)
  3. Find the "HiringThing jobs widget" in the list of disabled blocks at the end.
  4. Click the "configure" link next to it.
  5. If you'd like you can override the blocks title (by default it's "We're hiring!")
  6. Enter your HiringThing account URL. If you don't yet have a HiringThing account, visit http://www.hiringthing.com for a free trial.
  7. Select which region you'd like the block to appear (probably one of the sidebars!)
  8. Click "Save block"
  9. That's it!

Now your job listings on HiringThing.com should appear in a block in the given region. Check it out!

Accessing the HiringThing API

This module also provides optional integration with the HiringThing Read API.

To use it:

  1. Enable the HiringThing module.
  2. Download and enable the Libraries module.
  3. Download the HiringThing PHP library and extract it into sites/all/libraries/hiringthing (this directory should contain hiringthing.inc)
  4. Configure your API key and password (Configuration >> Web services >> HiringThing)
  5. In your code, do: $hiringthing = hiringthing_api_object(); to get an API object!

See the HiringThing PHP documentation for more information on what you can do with that object.

Development of this module was sponsored by HiringThing!

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