Integrates Drupal with the chat software HipChat. You need this module if you use HipChat and want to get notifications from your Drupal site posted into a HipChat room.

Right now the integration is pretty simplistic. The module sends notifications to HipChat when nodes and comments are created, updated, or deleted.


Download and install like any other module, then:

  1. Add an admin API Token from HipChat and the default room to receive messages at /admin/settings/hipchat
  2. Download the hipchat-php library from github - and place it in the module folder, like so: modules/hipchat/hipchat-php

Possible improvements include:

  • Making event notification optional, e.g. you don't want to see notifications in HipChat when a comment is updated or deleted but you do when a comment is created
  • More complex routing rules, e.g. when an event happens in group a, send notifications to HipChat room a but if they happen in group b, send to room b. That could get hairy pretty quickly however. If someone wants to write rules integration, that could handle a lot of the complexity. In the meantime, there's an alter hook that people can use to intercept message either to modify or delete.

Patches welcome!

Project information