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Help toggle adds a 'Hide help'/'Show help' link on pages that contain help text or field descriptions for hiding and showing them.


This module uses jquery.cookie.js to set cookies in javascript. You can download the latest version from Place the file in sites/all/libraries/jquery.cookie. See the README.txt for full installing instructions.

Modules included

Help toggle

This module requires no configuration. Just enable it and you can start toggling your help texts. It's that easy.

Help toggle UI

This module adds an settings page for the Help toggle module. It can be found from admin/settings/help_toggle_sandbox. On this page you can make some advanced settings like disabling javascript, filter the pages where you want the toggle link to appear and disabling help and description texts entirely.

After you have made your settings you can disable the UI module. This way it won't clutter your admin navigation.

Known problems

If the javascript is not enabled in your browser or you have selected not to use javascript on the modules settings page and if the current page contains forms they will be cleared when the toggle link is clicked. I don't see any way to fix this because toggling without javascript demands page refresh.

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