Provides Dave Reid's standard library of helper functions as static methods in classes. Most useful with custom written modules for individual projects, and not as an actual dependency for other contrib modules.


PHP 5.3+


  • ArrayHelper.php
  • CacheHelper.php
  • EntityHelper.php
  • FeaturesHelper.php
  • FieldHelper.php
  • HttpHelper.php
  • RenderHelper.php


All the following UI tweaks can be enabled or disabled as desired:

  • Makes the 'Delete' operation show up as a tab for nodes.
  • Adds an 'unpublished comment count' link to node teasers.
  • Adds destination query strings to local actions, and to login/registration paths for anonymous users. So when you complete the action/login/registration, you return to the page you came from.

Other features

Supporting organizations: 
7.x-1.x development and maintenance

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