This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is a module designed to help a dedicated support team provide helpdesk support to users.

Important notice

This module does not work and the code base is only for 4.6. Look at casetracker or other solutions instead.

There will definitely be a version some day, probably for Drupal 8, just not right now.

Comparison with existing modules

Unlike existing Drupal functionality like the project/project_issue or casetracker modules, it is not designed for peer support, but it defines user roles like: technician, customer, and user. It defines parameterized support contracts, charging support by the call (think incident packages), by time spent (think typical hotline contracts), on a periodic basis (think yearly maintenance), or not at all (think presales support). Contracts have expiration dates separated from charging, and can optionally be suspended temporarily.


The module issues customized tickets and followups on tickets. Followups can be charged differently from the original ticket if need be.

Tickets can be linked with an ecommerce transaction to link support requests with purchases (think expiring support contracts like warranties on purchases).

A wiki exists for the manual documentation effort on


Documentation comments and requirements are welcome on the documentation wiki. Please submit feature requests, tasks, or bugs, here on

The old D4.6 version uploaded to d.o. implements the global settings, the Contract node's view and form, and several display blocks. Although implemented, Tickets and Followups should not be used yet.

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