A Hello Bar is a simple notification bar to deliver a message and drive traffic to a specific call to action.

It inserts a div at the top of the HTML markup with a message and a link.
The Hello Bar code snippet grabs the user’s Hello Bar Messages and then loads it into the page in a at the top of the document.

Video preview here!

Hello Bar JavaScript Solo 1.0 Supported


  • HelloBar's message is nodes.
  • Integration with Views.
  • Style presets.
  • Uses JS for select random message. (Cache friendly)



  1. Buy and download the HelloBar Solo library.
  2. Extract library to /sites/all/libraries/ folder.
  3. Ensure all dependant modules are installed.
  4. Install this module.
  5. Enable 'hellobar' View.
  6. Enable 'View: hellobar' Block.
  7. Create 'Hello Message' Node.


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Developed by Dmitry Demenchuk (mrded) for WikiJob.

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