A Hello Bar is a simple notification bar to deliver a message and drive traffic to a specific call to action.

It inserts a div at the top of the HTML markup with a message and a link.
The Hello Bar code snippet grabs the user’s Hello Bar Messages and then loads it into the page in a

at the top of the document.

Video preview here!

Hello Bar JavaScript Solo 1.0 Supported


Unfortunately Hello Bar Solo library is not provided anymore. If you had luck to download it, before it has been removed - you can still use it with this module.


  • HelloBar's message is nodes.
  • Integration with Views.
  • Style presets.
  • Uses JS for select random message. (Cache friendly)



  1. Buy and download the HelloBar Solo library.
  2. Extract library to /sites/all/libraries/ folder.
  3. Ensure all dependant modules are installed.
  4. Install this module.
  5. Enable 'hellobar' View.
  6. Enable 'View: hellobar' Block.
  7. Create 'Hello Message' Node.


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Developed by Dmitry Demenchuk (mrded) for WikiJob.

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