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Head Desk is an entity revision scheduler that supports deploying revisions with scheduling information through multiple environments. The module can also be used in single environments for scheduling revisions.

Head desk provides a simple UI for scheduling state changes to entity revisions. Like other scheduling modules for drupal it has a concept of a draft and a live revision. Users can only edit and schedule a draft revisions.

Head desk supports scheduled unpublishing of entities.

Supported Entities

Currently Head desk only supports nodes. The module provides a simple framework for other modules to add scheduling support to entities. An example module is in the works.



Where did the name come from?
It is a backronym based on the frustrating experienced while trying to make deployable entities schedulable. It is also a reference to working with Drupal's node API.

So what does headdesk stand for?


Why didn't you build on ERS, revision_scheduler, <insert type="other module">?
We spent a lot of time trying to make ERS work. In the end we gave up and wrote headdesk from scratch in a lot less time.

We reviewed a lot of other options over the last year. Nothing we found was suitable for a multiple environment deployment workflow.


Headdesk was developed by Dave Hall Consulting and sponsored by Technocrat.

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