Hashtags module provides alternative way of adding tags to entities.

Keywords that start with a pound (#) sign are called hashtags i.e. #drupal7 or #drupal6.

Clicking on the hashtag will lead you to a thread of entities that have that have applied that hashtag. Hashtag that appiled to comment will lead to the corresponding node.

7.x-1.5 version

Warning: update.php must be started to execute Hashtags - 7002 update for users who have previous 7.x-1.x versions installed

  • Hashtags can be applied for different type of entities, for example Nodes and Users
  • Hashtags can be appiled for different text type fields of entity, should be enabled manually for each field (for Body field is enabled by default)
  • Hashtags work for comments now, comment hashtags are saved in corresponding field_hashtags of the node, also comment information is stored in separate table for flexibility and performance.
  • Hashtags saving process was rebuit, now hashtags will be also generated after creating/editing entity from code.
    $node = node_load(5);
    $node->field_body['und'][0]['value'] = "ttt #hash1 ggg";

The syntax of hashtags you can check in Limitations on Hashtag Characters

This way of adding tags was taken from Twitter.

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