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Harmony Forum

Core functionality for the Harmony forum distribution.

This will provide the basic entities (Threads & posts), access controls, listing views and other fun stuff required to make a full featured forum.

Features, integrations and components

Can be found here:

Initial discussion here:

Comparison with other Forum solutions:

Install instructions

Turn it on, you will need to configure permissions for it to behave as expected, there's a submodule within harmony_core which provides a default set of permissions to be used as an example.


Give it a try on type in "harmony_core", or just click this link!

Harmony in the wild

Cancer Research UK - Cancer Chat
Stroke Association - TalkStroke
ELMSLN Drupal Distro

Test, post and discuss!

We welcome any issues you want to submit, and want to hear from you! Here's a link to the forum group

Roadmap, upcoming releases, project stability

See this issue for a description as to how I see this project progressing. Expect alpha releases every couple weeks until the rate of bugs stands still at which point we'll go Beta.

Oh and we're stable!

Related modules

Automated tests

Harmony Core is hooked up to Travis CI. At time of writing we have one measly Behat test though patches for more are very welcome!

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Supporting organizations: 

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