Harmony Forum

Core functionality for the Harmony forum distribution.

This will provide the basic entities (Threads & posts), access controls, listing views and other fun stuff required to make a full featured forum.

Features, integrations and components

Can be found here:

Initial discussion here:

Comparison with other Forum solutions:

Install instructions

Turn it on, you will need to configure permissions for it to behave as expected, there's a submodule within harmony_core which provides a default set of permissions to be used as an example.


Give it a try on http://simplytest.me type in "harmony_core", or just click this link!

Harmony in the wild

Cancer Research UK - Cancer Chat

Test, post and discuss!

We welcome any issues you want to submit, and want to hear from you! Here's a link to the forum group http://groups.drupal.org/forum-development

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