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Guidance gives you the ability to create link lists for users (administrators) they should walk through. For example:
Site tour: links with the most important website pages.
Instruction guide: step-by-step style guide where links pointing pages users have to follow.
Drupal module usage guide: steps in a Drupal site for configuring something.


  • Download and enable the module.
  • Create a new Guide content.
  • On the node page click on the Guide links menu tab.
  • Add links.
  • Visit block administer page:
    • For link's description enable the 'Guide description' block.
    • Enable guide runner/closer blocks: 'Guide: <node title>' and 'Guide runner for: <node title>'.


Developer instructions coming soon...

I developed this module at Pronovix, contact us for Drupal consulting or development jobs:

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