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Growl notifications is a module which provides a method for sending certain system notifications to a Growl server. This means that you can receive Drupal messages on your computer through Growl.

More usefully, a module to provide a Messaging sending method is provided which allows Drupal sites to push notifications to listening Growl computers. This is particularly useful for Open Atrium based sites on an Intranet where Bonjour machine names or static IP address are known. Instead of receiving email notifications you can now receive Growl notifications.

This module is heavily based on the Prowl Push Notifications module by acrollet. It uses code provided by Tyler Hall under the MIT licence (compatible with Drupal's GPL) which is included in the module.

How to install and use

There are two modules included in the download. The main one enables the growl notifications functionality and allows actions to send growl messages. The growl_notify_user.module adds a user option to receive notifications as growl messages as a default send method for the notifications module.

To install it you must also install the notifications (version 2.x) and messaging (version 2.x) modules whose framework this (and many other modules) depend on. This module simply allows a user to choose to receive their notifications as growl messages rather than emails.

Once the growl_notify_user module is installed the configuration happens on the user edit page. Simply add a bonjour or IP address on the user edit page under the fieldset titled 'Growl settings'. Once that has been entered and saved you will be able to select growl as a 'Default send method' on that same page under the 'Messaging and Notifications settings'.

If the module is working correctly and growl is enabled to 'Listen for incoming connections' and enabled to 'Allow remote application registration' you will receive growl notifications instead of emails every time a notification is sent.

To test the sending of growl messages you can visit admin/settings/growl_notify and add an IP or Bonjour address to send to. Save the form and then hit the 'Send a test notification' button. You should receive a test growl notification.

If you don't understand how notifications and messaging works please consult these modules first as this module is simply a plugin and sending method for notifications.

Dependencies / Requirements

This module depends upon the following:
notifications (version 2.x)
messaging (version 2.x)


The module is in its infancy and I plan to work on the notifications part of it to make sure its as compatible with Open Atrium as possible. If you have any ideas of how to improve please let me know.

Write a better README.TXT file
Test the functionality on Windows machines

Comparison with other Growl modules

Differences with growl module?

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