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The "Group Mind" Drupal distribution has been designed to gather the users's knowledge, and knowledge about users.

Its main feature is the Question & Answer with votes, points and badges, adapted for Drupal.

You can see it in action at

Group mind 2.x version

  • Question & Answer, with votes and comments [DONE]
  • Moderation tools [DONE]
  • Antispam [DONE]
  • Complete email notifications system [DONE]
  • Share content [DONE]
  • Follow contents with email notification [DONE]
  • Follow tags with email notification
  • A blog [DONE]
  • A doc, based on Drupal's Book module [DONE]
  • Gammification (points & badges) [Partially done, points & badges assigned but no configurable and not displayed on full mode question)
  • Activity stream on user profile [DONE]
  • Based on Bootstrap for Drupal themes, full responsive design[DONE]
  • Integration of BUEditor with Markdown [DONE]
  • Column menu for documentation, like on
  • Ideas section with votes [DONE]
  • Custom reports to monitor user activity like content creation, members list, tag list, and more
  • Visual notifications like you can find in Facebook (number of notifications + list of notifications + little modal box appears when you are on the site and receive a new notification) [DONE]
  • Login with Facebook, Google +, Linkedin & Twitter [DONE] :
    • Download HybridAuth library and unpack it into "sites/all/libraries/hybridauth" folder
    • Enable the module : Group mind social login
    • Configure providers you want to use in : /admin/config/people/hybridauth
  • A complete responsive dedicated theme, compliant with Bootstrap themes [in progress]
  • Multilingual support

The development of this distribution is sponsorised by Bonitasoft, the editor of Bonita BPM.

Contributions are welcome.

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Development of Group Mind from the beginning

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