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Gridder Module being used on

The 960 Gridder module utilizes the code developed by Andrée Hansson, and is intended for use with the ninesixty theme created by dvessel. The 960gs CSS Framework system was originally created, and is maintained by Nathan Smith.

Using the 960 Gridder module allows you to enable the 960 Gridder by default without using the bookmarklet provided at the author's website. It also provides an administrative interface, allowing you to configure ALL of the options available with 960 Gridder and additional features including:

You can save these settings as the default settings for when 960 Gridder loads, so that you don't have to configure it every time it loads as well.

  • Choose to enable/disable the Gridder overlay for administrative pages (Disabled by default)
  • Enable Vertical Columns
  • Center Vertical Columns
  • Invert Vertical Columns
  • Vertical Grid Color, Opacity, Gutter Width and Total Columns (12 or 16)
  • Enable Horizontal Rows (Disabled by default)
  • Horizontal Row Color, Opacity, Line Height and Offset


Developed and maintained by Jake Strawn

Why use this module when I have a 960 Gridder Bookmarklet??

Yes, Andrée Hansson does provide a nice bookmarklet via his site. You can drag it to your bookmark bar, and click it any time you want to enable the Gridder. I really use that a lot when I come to a random site, and want to see if it was designed using a grid.

This module allows you to enable the 960 Gridder on your site WITHOUT having to reload it every page reload. For a themer, this would be important, as how often do we refresh a page as we are building out the layout? Plenty.

There are STILL plenty of times to use the bookmarklet, and this is by no means a replacement for that, simply a quicker way to use it during the development phase of your 960gs theme. Oh, and you can also save the default settings using Drupal so that each time the page loads, the grid is configured to be used for your site.


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