This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


GraphMind is a mindmap editor for Drupal. It has the basic mindmap
features and some Drupal specific enhancement. You can see a demo of
Graphmind in action at

GraphMind is looking for co-maintainers and/or supporters. Please, let us know if you can help us in the contact form.


  • Flex mindmap editor
  • Full mindmap node crud (create, read, update, delete)
  • Drag and drop nodes/branches
  • Give links manually to nodes (Drupal data has links the appropriate Drupal item by default)
  • Wysiwyg node title editor
  • Collapsible branches
  • Icons for nodes
  • Clouds for branches
  • Stage scaling
  • Load Drupal data (nodes, users, files)
  • Load Drupal Views lists (custom arguments)
  • Update Drupal related data on the mindmap (node, file, user, views list)
  • Attribute handling (full crud for attributes - Drupal data are attributes also)
  • Add external Drupal sites (to make accessible data from all the sites)
  • Export to FreeMind (full FreeMind XML format compatible)
  • Import FreeMind mm file to Drupal


  • Taxonomy plugin: complete managing of Drupal taxonomy
  • Futures wheel: futures wheel display plugin

Integration with Open Atrium

Feature for Open Atrium beta 8:


Version 6:

  • Enable module: GraphMind [requirements: Services (only stable version), AMFPHP (bundled with the original 3rd party library - _version 1.9_), Views]
  • Setup permissions: add access to services
  • Set only session authentication for Services
  • Create a new GraphMind type node (optional)
  • Edit-save-export...(optional)

Version 7.1

  • Enable modules (Graphmind 7.1, latest Services and AMFPHP)
  • Create a new AMFPHP Server (with session authentication)
  • Allow service resourses: node.retrieve, user.retrieve, all graphmind)
  • Set the server endpoint for GraphMind: /admin/config/graphmind/settings
  • Set permissions for non admin users (optional)

Version 7.2

  • Each previous step for 7.1
  • Go to the content types page
  • Add GraphMind field to a content type
  • Set the available Graphmind features/plugins/settings (optional)
  • Set their default value (optional)


This is a quick screencast about how GraphMind looks like and what is does:

Flex source

On Github:

Security warning

GraphMind uses the base Service services to load data into mindmaps. If both users with low and high trust level have access to the same mindmap, it is possible that a user with a high trust level will upload data into the mindmap and so make it available to users with a lower trust level. Graphmind could so inadvertently be used as a security bypass, since it doesn't check access permissions for content inside a mindmap (Drupal passwords however will never show up in mindmaps.) If your site has heterogenous access permissions it is a potential risk to give access to graphmind to more than 1 group of users.



You can see a demo of Graphmind in action at

Graphmind was created by href="">Pronovix. We provide module support
and customization for our clients. You can find out more about it by
contacting us.

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