This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Grant is a module/framework to manage permission information inside and outside of Drupal.

Define resources via grant field(s)

The base module provides a grant field type. An entity bundle (mostly tested and developed with node) can be connect with multiple fields to represent multiple resources or permissions like a "read access to an external resource" for example another webserver realized via [LDAP control module](

Grant internal permissions

"Internal permission" means real Drupal permissions like being a member of a an [organic group]( with a specified role. Via [rules]( events of the grant module, drupal permissions can be granted or revoked.

Grant external permissions

"External permission" means something apart from the Drupal system that is able to control access to other resources e.g. other web applications (including drupal) for SSO (single sign on) functionality. Grant module provides an API to manage the external processes in other modules.

Grant permissions via mail

One of the first features will be about giving you the possibility to grant permissions via mail-addresses. This is helpful when people aren't registered yet or the user who will be allowed to grant a permission is not allowed to get access to all user data and currently doesn't know a user ID of a person. This way, an administrator of an organic group can add people to the group via mail address.
The Grant module will create a kind of invitation for users with a matching mail address. The resource will be presented even if it's usually hidden like a private group and the user who invited is shown.
If there is currently no matching mail address, the invitation is "waiting" until the mail address is used for registration or a user is successfully confirming an additional address e.g. with [multiple_email](

Drupal Version

Currently this module is developed as a Drupal 7 module. In future there will be a Drupal 8 Version.

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