This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

GovReady provides a dashboard and tools to enhance security for government
websites and achieve FISMA compliance.

Note: This module is currently under active development and should not be used
on production websites.


The GovReady Agent monitors your Drupal site, domain, and ssl certificate to
ensure that you are following current security best-practices.

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The GovReady Dashboard gives you a shared, easy-to-digest overview of the status
of security on your website, including:

  • Drupal Core update status
  • Contributed module update status
  • Superadmin accounts
  • Site uptime monitoring
  • The status of your domain and SSL certificate renewals
  • A manual measures checklist to be completed periodically to ensure compliance
  • A contact info matrix ("who do I contact to change my password", etc)
  • Accounts that have not recently logged-in (and may have left your



Currently, we do not recommend installing this module on production websites.

  1. Download the module code, or install with Drush: drush dl govready.
  2. Copy the module code into ./sites/all/modules (or similar).
  3. Log into Drupal and enable the module on /admin/build/modules, or enable
    with Drush (drush en govready).
  4. Go to /admin/reports/govready, create a GovReady account and proceed
    through the module auto-activation steps.

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