govCMS CKAN provides integration with CKAN ( CKAN is a powerful data management system that makes data accessible by providing tools to streamline publishing, sharing, finding and using data.

This module provides a connector to any CKAN DataStore endpoint and pluggable visualisation layer using ctools.

Development and issue management is via GitHub

govCMS CKAN development is carried out on Github:
Issues and Pull Requests are welcome there. Commits are synced here to D.O. after they are merged.


  • Configurable CKAN endpoint (with or without API key for public or authenticated access)
  • Fieldable entities allow for additional flexibility with CKAN data entities
  • Create an instance of any data available via the CKAN DataStore
    • Requires clean, tabular data resources
  • Control over queries and display of data
    • Select which keys are used in the display
    • Enter optional full-text query or dictionary of key/value filters
  • Pluggable visualisation layer for graphs, charts, and really.. anything!
    • Comes with three visualisations out of the box: Bar chart, Line chart, Spline chart
    • Each visualisation has it's own set of configuration, for example the ability to create a stacked bar, render horizontally or vertically, add data points to labels
    • ctools plugin means you can create your own visualisation types
  • Easy embed in WYSIWYG (via the Media module)
  • Configure a global palette for visualisations, or override on a case-by-case basis
  • Export visualisations as SVG/PNG (with configurable size)
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