This module uses the Webfont Loader Library, developed by Google and Typekit, to:

  • Utilize fonts available in the Google Font Directory.
  • Utilize a preset created on typekit.
  • Utilize a preset created on fontdeck
  • Utilize preset font packages created on fontslive
  • Utilize a preset created on
  • Utilize your own custom fonts.
  • Allow for a consistent way to display your or other linked font(s) across the various browsers that support @font-face

And power your site with various fonts presets that a site administrator could choose from.

Google Webfont Loader API now has a stable release for Drupal 8.0.0. Try the stable 8.x release today!



Related Projects

  • @font-your-face is allows web font usage from a variety of sources. @font-your-face provides an interface to pick and choose fonts from many existing font sources. Very well written and supported. Webfont Loader module integrates with @font-your-face for all font providers so you can have a look/feel that is consistent across browsers while still having the ease/use of font-your-face.
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7.x maintenance

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