Google+ Plus One

Add the Google +1 (Plus One) to your nodes, or as a block. No need to copy/paste anything, it works out-of-the-box.

Also you can add the Google+ badges as a block.

Remember to enable permission for anonymous users.


[27/01/2012] Google: New settings soon for Google Badges (Added in 7.x dev branch. I will add the extra settings ASAP to the 6.x branch).
[17/11/2011] Article: The dilemma: Aliased or non-alised URLs in the Google Plus One Button?
[16/11/2011] Google releases Badges, so users can follow your Google+ page without leaving your website. It's ready in the 7.x and 6.x dev releases.

There is a new forum for Google+ developers


I don't see the Google Plus One button

  • Be sure to enable the permission to view the button for anonymous.
  • Are you using Internet Explorer? or very old/very new versions of your browser? Or a mobile device? Check this.
  • Still not seeing it? Fill an issue, please with JavaScript console errors, if any.

Useful information

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  • Google+ Integration with the Google+ API
  • Service Links shows more than 80 different social links, including Google+1 button.
  • Wibiya A 3rd-party social toolbar that includes an addon for Google +1 button.

Developed by

David Corbacho, (Google+ profile).

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