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This module was developed to make it easier to share and organize documents with colleagues. It makes most sense in the setting of an organization where all co-workers have a company owned Google apps account.

The module creates nodes for your documents in Google Drive. After you've connected your Google account to the site and given permission for the site to access your account, the module will automatically create an unpublished node for your documents in Google Drive.

Typically you would want to set up a view with recently added documents, or send out a notification email when a new node was created to remind a user to classify a documents into the appropriate project (this could for example be an organic group).

Files are not downloaded, the nodes will only contain references to the online documents. This way even after you have published those files that should be shared, only people with the permission to view a Google Drive document will be able to access it.

The module contains a feature called cloud_asset, which creates the necessary content type for the Google Drive Synchronization module.

This is an alpha release, so please use it carefully. Even the title of a document might be confidential so you should not share lightly the access to a site you are using this module on. It's best to put it behind an htaccess password and set user account generation to " Administrators only" or "Visitors, but administrator approval is required".

In a future incarnation we might use a custom entity or a bundle of the file entity instead of nodes to make the module even more useful.


The module uses the Google APIs client library for PHP. You can find it on the following url:

Google Drive Sync also depends on the following contributed modules:

  • Libraries
  • Features

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Google Drive Synchronization was created by Pronovix. You can find out more about it by contacting us.

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